grant gustin & danielle panabaker :: glad you came

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So, this is very much unexpected video, I haven't planned this at all, but I guess when inspiration hits, I must follow :-))
Plus after all the negativity that Danielle is getting I wanted to make something cute for her (well, her and Grant)... because they're adorable. Really, their friendship is golden... I love how they like each others photos on Instagram and tweets and borrowing glasses and Danielle said that she if she's ever have to leave her dog to someone, it'd be Grant... what they have is chemistry and that's everything. I love them.

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Fandom: The Flash - The Flash Cast (Danielle Panabaker + Grant Gustin)
Music: google it and don't mention it, please
Coloring: mine
I do not own the clips or the song, all copyrights belongs to their owners.
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