AdventureQuest - Mastercraft Set 2014: Llyr's Druid Set

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I was expecting it to be a neutral type armor, but it it turns out to be another defensive type. (Doesn't it look like a bit warrior-ish?) Well, I prefer you to get this set if you have 200 Int & Charisma, so yeah, beast mage. I'm not so sure if this is really annual or not.

What I like about this update is, the set has 3 different weapon types. (Yeah, similar to Fujin set.)

I showed the spear and staff in this video, Spear of Lugh (I forgot what the staff's name is), what the spear's special attack does is, reduces the monster's effectiveness in about 50%. The staff is pretty good too, it heals and boosts your evasion.

Llyr's Druid (armor) has 3 different attacks, 1 hit, 2 hits, & 4 hits. Which is pretty good and the animation looks well done too. Also has 2 good skills, a good water spell & when you have the full set equipped, you will have another skill that costs SP.

Celtic Wheel (shield) is pretty much for mages since it boosts up your INT with a small amount of SP. Combining this with any misc that boosts INT, such as the Amulet of Drakonnan, will add a crap ton of mp. (I guess I'm going to keep this in my inventory.)

Pet is pretty strong, and good looking. I might keep this in my inventory too.

Quite a decent update in my opinion. I would like to thank BBFM for showing the items' name in the description of his video!

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